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The Colair Difference

Colair Duct Cleaning proudly serves Ottawa, Kingston and all surrounding areas. With our reliable service & attention to detail, our locally owned & operated business has received countless referrals from customers throughout our local communities. With State of the art equipment, and our certified technicians our business is based on delivering  quality work. Our Technicians our TSSA Certified with years of experience in the industry. We are BBB Accredited & Home Stars Verified, contact us today to experience the Colair Difference. duct cleaning ottawa

Why Clean Your Air Ducts?

 Studies show that levels of pollutants are 2-5 times higher indoors than outdoors. This can cause serious health issues. Air Duct Cleaning removes dust, dirt, and other harmful pollutants in the air. Regular air duct cleaning can reduce common allergies, asthma, illness and headaches. The Colair Team helps your family breath cleaner, healthier and fresher air. 

Equipment Is Everything!

What Makes us Industry Leaders ? Our state of the art custom built vacuum trucks. Theses our the most powerful trucks in the industry. At Colair we use a direct contact cleaning process, this is the most through system for properly cleaning air ducts on all applications. View Our 8 Step Process to success. duct cleaning ottawa air duct cleaning

Our 8 Step Duct Cleaning Process

  1. Vaccum truck setup : We run our vaccum hose and compressed air line. The 8" vacuum line is run into the basement furnace room & air line is run to upstairs. All vents our covered to ensure suction & no air Bourne dust well system is being cleaned. 
  2. Hose Connections : Our 8' vacuum hose is connected to the main supply duct. This creates suction on the complete supply side ducts.
  3. Supply Vents Cleaned : When technicians have sealed all vents the 250 psi air whips clean each individual vent starting from highest point in home to basement vents.
  4. Main Supply Line : using predator air whips & scorpion balls the main supply line is cleaned using 250 psi air pressure to suction hose.
  5. Cold Air Return Side : Our 8" suction hose is then connected to the return air trunk line. We then go back upstairs & clean all return vents working our way back downstairs.
  6. Main Return Line : We then clean main truck line using our predator whips pushing all dirt & debris to suction at end of trunk line.
  7. Furnace Blower Fan : After duct work is thoroughly cleaned &  double checked with the before & after photos the technician then proceeds with cleaning the air handlers furnace fan & compartment.  
  8. Sanitization :  Colair Team proudly uses only Benefect Disinfectant,  Benefect is the only all botanical disinfectant on the market today. It is an all natural product 100% safe and effective to clean & sanitize air ducts. air duct cleaning duct cleaning ottawa

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